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Epiphone Jack Casady 

I first read about this bass from an interview with then Roots bassist Ben Kenney (now with Incubus).  He basically sold me on this bass in 1 paragraph.  I found this one a month later on eBay and it's been a mainstay in the rotation ever since.

It's a semi-hollowbody, but it has a center block under the bridge which helps eliminate feedback and gives this bass a huge, booming tone.  It's got single, passive low-impedance JCB-1 humbucker with the traditional volume and tone knobs, but where it's gets interesting is the 3-way impedance selector in the "Vari-tone" knob.  You can really dial in a lot of different sounds with this versatile setup. 

I use the Ernie Ball Flatwound strings on this bass and it sounds and feels great.  It's a comfortable bass to play and the neck is "medium fast".  This bass really comes to life with a little overdrive or distortion - it can sound really amazing!

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