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Ernie Ball Music Man Sterling

This was the first legit bass I ever bought.  I switched over to bass from electric guitar when I was 18, and for years I just played on pawn shop basses.  When it came time to upgrade, I went with the Ernie Ball.  You would think I would get a P-bass, but I was just drawn to this one.  

The Sterling is a lot like the Music Man Sting Ray, but it's smaller and a little shorter.  It's extremely comfortable to play and has incredible tone.  There have been many times where I've taken a handful of basses to record (many of which "better" than the Sterling) and this one gets voted to sound the best.  Since it was the bass I cut my teeth on, I compare every other bass to this one.  I highly recommend an Ernie Ball Music Man - they are great basses.  The Humbucker has a fat sound with enough of a mids-punch to cut through the mix, and the 3-way switch and 3 band preamp gives you a ton of flexibility in your sound. 

The only downside to learning how to play on an Ernie Ball is that when you play any other bass you'll always instinctively grab thin air trying to find the tuning peg for your D string underneath the'll feel pretty stupid when you look down and realize the peg isn't down there on a Jazz bass.

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