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Fender Jazz Bass - Geddy Lee Signature Series

I think I had 15 basses before I owned my first Fender.  Blasphemy, right? There was something about the Jazz basses that I never liked, and I could never justify playing a big fat p-bass neck when I was so used to much thinner/faster necks.  But deep down, every bass player over 30 has spent a little time wishing they were Geddy Lee.  I've only seen Rush in concert once - and it was when I was 15.  Candlebox opened for them at the now defunct Reunion Arena in Dallas.  The show blew my mind!  It was only a matter of time when these signature series came out that I would own a Geddy Lee.

First off - they look amazing.  I love the black fingerboard inlays.  The neck is very slim and fast and you have to love the Badass II bridge upgrade. It's got 2 U.S. Vintage Jazz Bass passive pickups with the traditional volume-volume-tone knobs setup.  

It didn't come with a case, so I use this one.

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