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ahh, strings.  I get asked every once in a while about what strings to use.  This one can be complicated because there are a thousand different kinds of strings out there.  Different cores, materials, wounds, gauges, lengths, and on and on.  

I've tried a handful - mostly D'addario, Elixir, GHS, DR, and Ernie Ball.  For me - I stick with Ernie Ball.  I really like the way the Ernie Ball regular slinky strings feel and sound.  Once I found a set that I was happy with, I stuck with it.  There are so many strings out there that this could be a neverending quest.  I only try out new ones when something different comes around.  I really like the Elixir acoustic guitar strings, so when they finally put out coated bass strings, I gave them a try.  Couldn't stand them.  I thought they sounded muddy and I was sliding all over the place.

I use the Ernie Ball flats too.  I play flatwounds on the Martin EB-18 and the Epiphone Jack Casady.

If you don't know where to start, I recommend this awesome string breakdown that bassplayer magazine did.

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